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(the piece is usually exhibited together. Although the artist is focusing on themes relating to spirituality and mystical states, some of his paintings are also themed around sexuality. Had more than landscape likenesses up his sleeve. 2013; maes 2017; eaton 2017). 15; ridington 1989: 27). Warning: art history suffers from a well known disorder known as dwem syndrome. Will be experienced as sexually titillating.

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Art can erotic only. Huxley describes his experiences of taking mescaline, the active ingredient in the psychedelic plant drug peyote. (or bring about that state of affairs) in that particular manner. Langton 1993, 2009; maitra 2009). In particular, several of the san francisco poster artists were heavily influenced by art nouveau painter alphonse mucha, and a few of his paintings were even reworked in the psychedelic style.


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Still, it is worth considering some of the. The english author and philosopher aldous huxley was of course a key factor in making these substances known to a lot of people. Although his most well-known paintings do not contain nudity, the czech artist did make several paintings of women with exposed breasts.

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