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This remake must be made! Mostly this is just sad because the second film in the original millennium trilogy series will probably never get americanized with the glorious rooney mara. Is about a woman who enters a relationship with another woman while being engaged to a man. The kissing scene takes place in the bathroom of a club between minka kelly and danneel ackles’ characters from the lesbian inclusive film the roommate. Lakeside, sand-surrounded sex scene, anyone? and don’t worry, the ladies will later acknowledge just how inconvenient (/romantic.

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Bathtub lesbian movie. To post a comment. Isn’t about to win an in-retrospect academy award, but it is an oddly entertaining film about a lesbian dominatrix (though her clients are men) who wants to be a film maker. ) and gay-ify it. Yay cute club hook-ups! yay adorable dominatrixes who want to be film makers! come for the kink, stay to find out if natalie fulfills her filmmaking dreams. With that kind of synopsis, we could expect some pretty on-point sex scenes, but the first official one in the film is actually just a sensual, cute moment between the lead, natalie, and a girl she meets at a club who soon becomes her girlfriend. Things don’t end up super well for these two, but if you’re looking for a queer french stalker romance featuring some lovely piano music (and who isn’t, really?), this one’s for you!

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Is on this list maybe for a different reason then the others, but it’s nonetheless amazing. ) sex on the beach can be.