Beat horrace on amateur surgeon

Amateur surgeon


That’s why you memorized where they were, right? Kill the large bug completely by using the needle on the third and final eye of the large bug. It’s disturbing how much i enjoy this game. Actually, easier to get an a on, as i did get a on that. It’s not really that hard to use.

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Beat horrace on amateur surgeon. Caruthers, who he likes to dress up like a person. Open him up, drag his ribs into place, and sew him back together, easy as pie. Select the corkscrew, then the pain medicine. This also helps a lot with the vaccum. It’s easier if you use the shorcut button (1,2,3, Gus is back! seems that some lady offered him a sandwhich, which he scarfed down quickly, despite the fact that it tasted like metal and came from a total stranger.

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Whatever they are, extract them, seal the wounds up, bla bla bla. Then tend to the cuts, then the hidden objects.

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