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She wasn’t afraid of her sexual orientation changing what people thought of her and refused to tiptoe around the label. A uk report called “boys who like boys” talked about how at least 20 percent of the gay and bisexual young men face bullying in school by a teacher or another adult. Somehow, sci fi has become a huge part of bi culture. Ironically, this presumption of my being a local when abroad has made me experience a strange sort of homecoming whenever i travel to foreign places. Of course there is no requirement for bisexuals to be attracted to men and women in exactly the same way.

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Bisexual gray love matter sibling triangle. Earlier this week, oregon’s bisexual governor kate brown continued to make history by signing a bill that ends gay conversion therapy in her state. With the headline: brother and sister, with similar taste in girls. What’s on your bi wish list? They have reached more than $900 so far but need to raise $7,000 more for some great things they want to accomplish. When i was fifteen, i developed feelings for a friend of mine, also a girl, which sparked a year-long crisis that i navigated with bad buzzfeed quizzes and unhelpful blog posts.


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Org contributor, blaize stewart, sat down with his parents to ask what they were thinking when he came out to them. No one wants to date me.