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My mother still thinks fgm was good for me


Would swell up and i would die. We are both women but we are not the same. My friends and other young people will talk about boyfriends and sex, but they are embarrassed to talk about cutting, even though it is something that we have all been through. My experience in a village there is something that has stayed with me.

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Clitoris cutting stories. Female genital cutting (fgc) sounds like a distant and antiquated practice, especially to those living in the us. I believe cutting is something that should be stopped. It is also illegal to remove them from the country for the same purpose. Memunatu is clearly enjoying this exchange, eventually bursting into fits of laughter.


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Her great-grandmother made a paste of herbs to place on the wound to help stop the bleeding. What i remember is she was blamed for not taking their herbs and everything they were doing to help her, which never included taking her to a doctor. 28 too many is a charity working to end fgm.

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