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Lining of the rectum that is in the anal canal). This follow-up biopsy is of paramount importance because anal cytologic evaluations are highly sensitive for dysplasia (positive predictive value of 95. Or lesion when cleaning the area. Several trials have compared laser excision of hemorrhoids with surgical excision; clear improvements in postoperative pain, analgesia, or recovery time have not been demonstrated with laser hemorrhoidectomy.

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Distraction of anus. Surg clin north am 74: 1309, 1994. Any deviation from these anatomic locations should raise suspicion for another disease process (e. Abcarian h, shawn n: the effectiveness of immunotherapy in the treatment of anal condyloma acumination. Colonic, small bowel, and urethral fistulas can occur in an identical fashion, underscoring the importance of identifying an internal opening in the anal canal. There is evidence supporting the practice of anal pap exams, and a need to learn new techniques and obtain new equipment such as high-definition anoscopes. Crohn’s disease should be in remission before any surgical intervention, and at times medical management alone can control these rectovaginal fistulas. Others have utilized infrared coagulation with reportedly good success.

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Just as pap smears have reduced the mortality from cervical cancer, it is hoped that anal pap smears for highrisk groups (hpv infection, hiv-positive patients, male homosexuals) will identify patients with high-grade dysplasia and ain who are at risk for invasive cancer. Surg clin north am 74: 1293, 1994. Differential diagnosis includes squamous cell carcinoma and condyloma lata of secondary syphilis; darkfield microscopy and biopsy are required to differentiate.