Guy who apparantly hasnt had an orgasm for 30 years

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Is anything wrong with me. Not to mention that your sweeping generalizations about women are hilariously off base and make you sound like the drunk idiot sitting at a bar and bellyaching about women. Our bodies are not ours; they belong to christ, and when we marry, it is our gift to our mate. The next morning turned out to be our last time together. All bloods and infection fine. My bf wanted to have sex this morning we have not had sex for at least 3 days i was not in the mood this morning later on he went out he came back in the afternoon and wanted sex when he ejaculated there was not much which makes me think he had sex with someone else.

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Guy who apparantly hasnt had an orgasm for 30 years. More book knowledge than real life experience, apparently. I even brazilian shaved for the first time. Please advice as it is really giving me serious worry. Please help as your ejaculate figures above look quite low (and seem to be volumes of the 3rd and 4th ejaculations when neary empty) and this is not covered in condoms – even condom manufacturers ignore my request and leaving 2″ empty loose condom at the end of the penis does not help it just goes back on – i have an image of the condom as i held it up if it would help. Teach this new partner what feels good to you, and allow him to bring you to orgasm in non-penetrative ways first.


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After that i began seeing a large red vain on the bottom of my penis appear after masturbation as well. My watch said it was about 4am.

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