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TWB Services

The TWB approach to our mission is multifaceted. Not only are our clients non-profit corporations with important causes, but the high quality services we provide to them comes (via our education and skills training program) from the very same people  some of these organizations are trying to help. Thus our motto, "Where Service and Education Meet". Perhaps most importantly, all income generated by TWB projects and our endowment fund goes to acquiring infrastructure for our existing sites, updating and augmenting TWB staff skills, and bringing TWB to communities in need.

With ten years of experience working with non-profits, TWB founder and Executive Director, Dean Bedford, realizes the need to support these organizations with cost effective applications to manage three important areas of information management; memberships management, project management and publications. The core customer service focus of TWB is to provide non-profit organizations with user-friendly applications that can be easily customized to meet specific needs.

Our applications are built to be functional for years to come while allowing for the natural growth of functionality that comes with a well-built application. We do not build systems with "design obsolescence", which is the business model of many developers today. Many for-profit companies build applications that require expensive service contracts and upgrades. Our goal is to build applications that serve non-profits with a functional open system that will allow the organization to spend its resources on its areas of expertise instead of on expensive IT service contracts and upgrades.

The remote work-place model

TWB employs a remote workplace model which greatly reduces cost overhead for the organization. We have successfully engineered applications with programmers working from our Novi Sad-Serbia office, Middleburg-Virginia, and Prague-Czech Republic simultaneously without sacrificing any degree of service. This model also helps to build the self-management skills of our students that they will apply throughout their careers as developers.

Below is a list of some of our services

  • Database design/engineering/maintenance/service
  • Application design/engineering/service
  • Web Design/production/maintenance
  • Project Management
  • Project Consulting
  • Training

Please feel free to ask your TWB sales representative for a list of clients who have worked with us before.

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