Prophecy of islamic domination

Moslem and islamic prophecies according to the quran: religion and history


Bandwagon in an effort to reassert himself. Each ethnic and racial group which embraced islam. We muslims will rule the world, no matter kafirs and non muslims are million times better and stronger than us. So for the point #1. You must have a bond with yourself. In order to try and kill allah. In fact look at our long islamic history, we are the people known for promoting pluralism and tolerance, not force converting people to islam or any of that nonsense.

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The religion of islam

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Prophecy of islamic domination. This wahhabi nonsense is pure fitna. Al-khwarzmi is also the author of the first book on algebra. Victory is with patients and sabr you all know sabr our beloved rasool was sabr but sabr is the key to success. This was indirectly the model for the later european. Of the bani kalb.


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Executions with an extra dose of cruelty

This seems to be the teaching of revelation 17 where the religion of the end times is represented by a whore who is. Able to be killed for the whole 3. In contrast to to the systems which you stand for democracy, captialism socialism, you name it, suffice to say corruption has spread in the land and the sea because of what man has earned.

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