Semen color and sperm count

Yellow semen: causes, seeing a doctor, treatment


Then i do the excercise everyday. 2 million total count. I am 36 yrs. I am 30 year old recently i done my test.

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Azoospermia (no sperm) and related syndromes

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Semen color and sperm count. It water soluable which means that if you take a lot of it, it will just wash out of your body when you pee. Oranges and guava are very good for helping to overcome some toxins that the varicocele is causing. My semen analysis report (22-dec-2015): I spoke with our fertility clinic about how they test and why they consider anything above 4% normal. Take a pre-natal vitamin. This is an analysis of the size, shape, and appearance of sperm. Vitamin c is very good.

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Fertility evaluation

Your chances to get pregnant will depend on the total number of sperm and how many of them are active. Sperm concentration (m/ml) 12.

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