Sensative facial muscles

Facial pain: causes, symptoms and diagnosis


Repeat these movements five times. Is an underlying cause of your problem. Anything that interferes with your tmj working properly can cause facial pain. We used translabyrinthine, middle fossa, and suboccipital approaches for tumor removal. Here are some common sources of facial pain and how you can recognize them. In addition to checking your “bite,” (how your upper and lower teeth come together) the dentist will examine your teeth and gums for damage caused by bruxism.

Sore facial muscles? sensitive teeth?The most common type of facial pain


Sinus infections (sinusitis)

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Sensative facial muscles. Weakness or paralysis is common with geniculate zoster, due to swelling. You can object to this at any time. Muscle incoordination and pain can result from muscles working against each other. Be ready to tell your doctor about how your pain first appeared, how often you feel it, and what seems to trigger it. As you do this, try to close your eyes, working all the muscles around them.

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Press two fingers on each of your temples and rapidly open and close your eyelids in a blinking motion for a period of 8-10 seconds. This type of muscle hyperactivity is triggered by bite interferences that require muscles to displace the tmjs in order to achieve complete closure of the teeth.