Sex determination in cat fish

How to determine the sex of fish for breeding purposes

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However, none was sex-specific in catfish; homologs of each were present in males and females. Histological analyses on the gonadal development of both female and induced male fish were subsequently performed. Cstc2004bb8450), and the science and technology innovation fund for the graduates of southwest university (no. Subunits were possibly related to ovarian differentiation and oocyte development. Although not all fish can be easily identified, these tips will help you recognize the sex of many of the common species of aquarium fish. However, no male fish were obtained even in these experiments, excluding the possibilities of these micro-environmental changes on catfish sex ratio and the occurrence of gynogenesis during artificial propagation. This research was funded by grants from the national high technology research and development program (863 program) of china (no.

Identification of sex determination gene(s) through comparative sequence analysis of x and y  chromosomes in channel catfish


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Sex determination in cat fish. 2007aa10z165), the national natural science foundation of china (no. Female-to-male sex reversal was achieved by treatment with fadrozole (an aromatase inhibitor) and tamoxifen (an estrogen receptor antagonist). Taken together, we hypothesized that estrogen was highly responsible for the ovarian differentiation and feminization of catfish fry under artificial propagation, although the mechanism involved remains elusive. Catfish 2000: proceedings of the international ictalurid symposium. The results revealed that.

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Since most cyprinids are schooling fish, one way to obtain a breeding pair is to purchase a group of them. While many are not easily differentiated, there are a few rules of thumb that apply to quite a few cichlid species. Differences will vary by species, but generally, males are more intensely colored and slimmer than females.