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Welcome to Technology Without Borders World!
Our Mission

To develop, customize and service Information Management Systems for non-profit organizations, and educational institutions, while using a remote workplace model that reduces costs and creates and maintains skilled workers in post-conflict and developing economies. Through servicing our clients, as well as the creation of learning centers in the communities we work in, TWB seeks to create a lasting capacity within the local population that establishes a strong foundation for economic and social progress, applying technology to humanitarian and educational initiatives, and fostering an ongoing commitment to community service.

Our Approach

In most developing and post-conflict economies the supply of talented young programmers continues to grow faster than their countries own economies can support them. The result is that the most talented, having taught themselves key skills, lack an outlet for these skills, and in many cases leave their native countries seeking opportunities abroad, commonly known as 'Brain Drain'.
Technology Without Borders is committed to the development of these young people. We teach the foundations for helping themselves and those around them locally, within their own communities, through real work experiences on real projects. Through this process, these young programmers will provide high-quality Information Management System services at reasonable cost for the most essential sector: non-profit organizations and institutions. TWB creates a symbiosis with other organizations and institutions working in the community, allowing them to maximize their potential and thus their capacity to affect positive change.

Non-profit organizations deal with three things: money, people and information. The key for success, as in any other type of business, is the management of these core competencies. In the end, everything comes down to information management. By streamlining the process and custom building and servicing solutions, we help these organizations to use their precious resources at optimum efficiency.

Our applications help manage

  • Company information
  • Contact Information
  • Donor contributions
  • Journal/Publication production
  • Web-Site administration and publication
  • Conference planning
  • Project management/coordination.
 Quote of the Week

"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything." -- Mark Twain


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